I was quoted–with a spotlight quote!


Robin Samora helped me discover how to respond to reporter inquiries in a strong, persuasive way that gets attention. Thanks to Robin’s help, I was quoted–with a spotlight quote!–in a story on The Glass Hammer with my first response. Being quoted has helped to raise my professional profile and has sent traffic to my blog and website. Thanks, Robin!

Julie Fleming

She’s smart, savvy and trustworthy.


Robin Samora is a great PR person! She has the focus and passion to represent clients’ in their best light and works diligently to get them the media attention they deserve.  I’ve worked with her on a number of occasions and am happy to refer her services knowing she’ll get the job done.  She’s smart, savvy and trustworthy. She’ll be your best advocate for getting publicity and building your brand.

Dan Janal, President and Founder
author of “Reporters Are Looking for YOU!”

What I learned from Robin was invaluable


When I first started working with Robin, I had already been quoted in close to a dozen national women’s magazines, and had a good handle on the pitch process. What I learned from Robin was invaluable about what it takes to pump up the PR. Our collaborative work really sharpened my approach to being Pitch Perfect!

She has helped me to make more money and get noticed


Robin Samora is an idea generator, motivator, positive reinforcer who pushes clients to be and do their very best. She is always coming up with ideas that will make me stand out from the crowd and as she says it, shine my brilliance in the marketplace. But not only does she give me the ideas, she provides the action plan to get it done. I know that she has my business top of mind, as there have been times that she has sent letters to reporters on my behalf.

She keeps me alert to what is going on in the marketplace and what reporters are looking for. It saves me the time and effort of looking myself as I know that she is choosing the best options for my business and my goals.  She has helped me to make more money and get noticed in the very crowded marketplace of weight loss.  Her spiritual and joyful approach to live and giving inspires me to do the same.

Robin is both a teacher and implementer

Nikki Headshot-smaller

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Robin on multiple campaigns to grow my international photography business.  Every call or meeting I have with Robin leaves me with the same impression of how incredibly easy the PR business is for her.  She knows it so well and explains it so simply that I consistently hang up or leave with new knowledge of how to utilize the PR world to gain exposure and visibility for my business.

She’s a promotions wiz, gives amazing creative and copy support and implements strategic coaching.  Her unwavering, ‘you can do it’ philosophy is so loving and supportive that it comes through in everything that she does and goes to all of her clients.  Robin is both a teacher and implementer and sees the big picture for each of her clients. Her goal is simple – to help you get recognized as a leader, and noticed as an expert. She’s my PR expert for sure.

The business, marketing and personal experiences that she brings are invaluable.

Maggie photo

I have proposals going out weekly and projects that have been on the back burner are now set in motion. I had my first $20K day in project proposals. This was surreal and took a day to sink in. But the reality was… it is possible. Robin gives you the boost and assignments that make you to put yourself out there.

I created a marketing campaign that I feel jazzed about and had been putting off for a year. Plus, there were a few areas in my life that had been taking a backseat, but that quickly changed. Everything can’t be a priority but prioritizing makes the difference.

Robin holds your feet to the fire and your heart to the sky at the same time. The business, marketing and personal experiences that she brings are invaluable.

Maggie F Keenan
Chief Giving Strategist for givingadvice

I value her guidance, judgment and reasoning


Robin Samora is a calming voice during the storms we all have to weather in life.

I value her guidance, judgment and reasoning in all matters big or small. Her positive outlook and ‘next step’ approach to business and life’s ups and downs have helped me to move forward when I’ve hit a stumbling block. I’m forever grateful for her ability to be an effective sounding board.

My life and my business have changed


Rockin’ Robin gave me the push I needed and made me feel like I can accomplish anything! From the day I began working her, my life and my business have changed more than you can imagine. It has impacted the growth of my business and given me confidence to forge ahead with new ideas and strategies. I’ve clearly defined my niche and how to get recognized!

Latonia Francois
HL Imprints

Robin is propelling me toward a success level I may have missed


The education and instruction I received from Robin is propelling me toward a success level I may have missed out on by myself. I’ve learned to dream bigger and place more value on my time, and take action to get me noticed in the marketplace.

Last week alone, I picked up three new projects and am partnering with another agency on a pitch for a fourth. And, I’m mixing up the project work in a way that others told me was inadvisable. Robin saw the connection and said ‘ask for what you want’.

Now I’m working with so much more enthusiasm as I manage accounts, provide copywriting services, develop media plans, and invent ground breaking promotions. There is never a dull minute, and I smile everyday as I get it all done. Thank you, Robin!

Alison Colby-Campbell

Robin got me an extraordinary exposure in USA Weekend


With tremendous efforts, pursuing and following up with her media contacts, Robin got me an extraordinary exposure in USA Weekend, creating powerful publicity for my most recent book “The Money Flow.” This exposure provides an enormous sales opportunity for me, as well as credibility to build my platform as an international speaker.

Robin raises the bar for all of her clients so they can get what they want and desire. She has the experience, skill and the super passion to get us from where we are today to where we aim to be tomorrow. I am sincerely and deeply grateful to her and recommend anyone out there who launched a product or wrote a book to get in touch with Robin not tomorrow, but today. You will reach your dreams beyond your expectations.

Ana Weber-Haber, author
“The Money Flow”

All of the feedback was so positive


Sincere thanks to you and your team for all your help on Saturday’s Price is Right Event! All of the feedback from the clients, patrons, and event staff was so positive and your team really helped us make that event a success.

Avry Sandler
Sales Marketing Manager, CBS Boston’s WBZ-TV & TV38

We could never do it without you!

Your dedication, follow-thru, passion and above all your well trained and caring staff have helped us once again shine in the eyes of our clients.

We could never do it without you! Please bask in this well-deserved recognition from our peers and know we not only consider you a “partner” but more importantly a friend!

Thanks so much to everyone for making this happen on such short notice – you guys are AWESOME!!

Keep up the great work.

Gail Andon
Marketing Operations, Comcast

Their event team is creative, organized and has excellent ideas

Partner Promotions planned and executed our Open House at Fuller Village for over 300 people.  Their event team is creative, organized and has excellent ideas of how to use space, and maximize results.  When they are given a project — they own it and run with it.  Our buildings looked gorgeous with innovative enhancements to make everything look special. Robin and her team also maintain their sense of humor throughout the difficult planning stages of an event.  It’s always a pleasure to work with them, knowing that their work, and the event itself, will exceed our expectations.

Deborah Felton
Executive Director, Fuller Village